Fred Lawson -

Fred Lawson - "The Inn"

Code: 10244


H: 21" (53.3 cm)W: 20" (50.8 cm)


Fred Lawson was born in Yeadon, Leeds in 1888. He studied at Dewsbury Technical College and won a scholarship to Leeds School of Art. He then went to South Kensington College of Art where he gained silver and bronze medals for drawing. On a painting trip to Yorkshire in 1910 he chose to settle in Wensleydale, the inspiration for much of his work. He made regular artistic and literary contributions to the Dalesman magazine and exhibited both in his own area and also at Galleries including Liverpool, Royal Academy, R.I., and Glasgow. "The Inn" is a good large early example, in fine condition. The picture measures 21"x 20" and is signed and dated 1912. It  is in the original gilt frame giving an overall size of 25"x 26". There is a nice original label on the back with the title and artist's name.