T.S.Robins "The Kestrel R.Y.S." lithograph

Code: 10701


H: 20" (50.8 cm)W: 28" (71.1 cm)


"The Kestrel R.Y.S" is a fine quality lithograph by T.G.Dutton after T.S.Robins. It was "Published October 20th 1847 by Messrs. Fores at their Fine Print Repository...41, Piccadilly, Corner of Sackville Street". Below the image is the title "The Kestrel R.Y.S." and the inscription: "The Property of the late Earl of Yarborough from the original drawing in the possession of the Honble. Dudley Pelham", and "Day & Sons, Lithographers to the Queen". It is in the lovely original maple frame. Condition is good for the date with some creasing and staining to the picture and some minor imperfections to the frame.