John Boultbee

John Boultbee

Code: 10685


H: 20" (50.8 cm)W: 21" (53.3 cm)


This fine stipple engraving by Whessell measures 22" x 26" and is framed in an old frame giving an overall size of 25"x 30". It was published in 1802 by John Day and is extensively inscribed below:

 “To the Right Honorable Lord Somerville. This print is with great respect humbly dedicated by his Lordship’s most obedient humble servant John Day. This wonderful animal is now the property of Mr John Day of Harmston near Lincoln, and was March 20 1802, six years old.” Underneath this are measurements of the Ox (girth, breadth) and a further note “Subscriptions taken for this Print in the first Year amounted to two thousand and upwards, from whence the Public opinion of this beautiful animal may be well ascertained. This Ox is still in a growing and improving state, and weighs according to the computation of the best judges 30 score per quarter, which is 300 stone 8lb to the stone, or 171 stone 14lb to the stone.”