John Ward Knowles

John Ward Knowles "Whitby from Lythe Bank" oil painting

Code: 11127


H: 13" (33 cm)W: 19" (48.3 cm)


John Ward Knowles (1838-1931) originally trained in art and photography before concentrating on work as a stained glass designer in York. He renovated a building in York which became a hub of artistic endeavour with workshops producing not only stained glass but all kinds of ecclesiastical decoration including beautiful embroideries and tapestry work produced by the Knowles family. The building still retains much of his work, installed when he lived here including a collection of priceless late Victorian and Edwardian stained glass. Knowles continued to live and work here until his death at the age of 93 and his sons continued the business up to 1953. The building remained in the Knowles family until 1999 when it was purchased by Jonathan Cainer to become the world's first psychic museum.

"Whitby from Lythe Bank"is an oil painting on canvas measuring 13"x 19". It is signed with a monogram and is framed in a gilt frame giving an overall size of 20"x 27".